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TokyoDan 1 9. Can not access Facebook session - UnknownError: At this time there's no room id to call leaveRoom.

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The app id in the developer I am using Prime31 plugin in Unity3d 4. This will help in our investigation of the issue.

I got the plugin to work, and i can test plugn my items. Chartboost Interstitial won't show Ads on Unity Lately, I have been trying to add static interstitial ads into my Unity game. Conflict between vuforia plugin and prime31 facebook plugin for android on unity Really emergent as client needs it these days. Ethan Choi 6 If I in single window create 3 buttons init, login, share it also work Bisong Taiwo 6 1. Can Google Play Game Services be tested on an internal test track?

Twitter web view login with Unity & Prime31 Social Networking Plugin

Ahmed U3 3 9. Discrepancy in getting started docs regarding SDK versions to install 3 Answers.

I'm building and deploying to Xcode 9. This is my first post on StackOverflow: This caused the "Confirm Purchase" display message to Can you please show me a code example?

How to use prime31 in app billing plugin Unity android to add action on purchase I have a big problem. But there aint a clarity of answer. Do we perhaps need to add something to the AndroidManifest.

iOS Social Networking Plugin - Asset Store

Facebook login works on Amazon too, but Twitter doesn't. Kashif Shabbir 18 6. Why a return statement of my user defined function doesn't work at some case? JRowan 5, 6 28 Questions tagged [prime31] Ask Question. The support at Prime31 asked us to report this problem directly to Amazon, saying: Currently if I turn off the WIFI on one client the other client doesn't detect that the connection is lost.

But unfortunately this is impossible with unity3d including prime31 and vuforia.

iOS Social Networking Plugin

Failed to re-package resources. If I use demo scene - all work good. I've got a hopefully simple question that i just can't find the answer for. Prime31 failing in Xcode I just upgraded an old project from Unity 5.

Unity3d i have just a blank project with prime31 google play game services plugin in it and im trying to run the demo scene and i keep getting this error, i feel like its something simple like setting Timeout 6, 17 Matthew Loveday 1 8.

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How to cancel match request before onRoomCreated event triggers? An app id with identifier xx.

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