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I am utterly impressed with Reeve's detailed, personable characters that are consistent and yet allowed the room to grow. I rarely attempt to read books in first-person. All-in-all, and as a young-at-heart reader, I can say this book was not a total waste of time. There are quite prolific amounts mild "censored" swearing.


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In , Warlow also performed a one-man show originally written for John Reed , called A Song to Sing, O , about George Grossmith , the comedian who originated the principal comic roles for Gilbert and Sullivan from through the s. The last stop on the tour was Adelaide where Warlow donned the mask for the final time on 23 May Although he performed for the industry opening night, Warlow was struck down by a bout of influenza that had also claimed many of the other cast and crew and he missed the first two and a half weeks of the show's Melbourne season.

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Reply to this review Was this review helpful? Pokemon Emerald Version 1. I am aware I can opt out at any time. The contents scanning feature searches your hard drive for any hidden adult content that may exist. It also creates detailed reports on these activities for you to view.